Kano State Polytechnic



List of Departments and Their Programmes

    1. Diploma Accounting and Auditing
    2. Advanced Diploma Accounting and Auditing
    3. ND Accountancy
    4. HND Accountancy
    1. Diploma Insurance
    2. Advanced Diploma Banking and Finance
    3. ND Banking and Finance
    4. HND Banking and Finance
    1. Advanced Diploma Business Administration and Management
    2. ND Business Administration and Management (SMS)
    3. HND Business Administration and Management
    1. Advanced Diploma Cooperative Economics and Management
    2. ND Cooperative Economics and Management
    3. HND Cooperative Economics and Management
    1. Diploma Marketing
    2. HND Marketing
    1. ND Office Technology and Management
    2. HND Office Technology and Management
    3. Pre-ND OTM
    1. Advanced Diploma Public Administration
    2. ND Public Administration
    3. HND Public Administration
    1. Diploma Purchasing and Supply
    2. HND Purchasing and Supply