Kano State Polytechnic



List of Departments and Their Programmes

    1. ND Art and Industrial Design
    2. HND Art and Industrial Design (Ceramics)
    3. HND Art and Industrial Design (Painting)
    4. HND Art and Industrial Design (Graphics Design)
    5. HND Art and Industrial Design (Textile Design)
    1. ND Civil Engineering Technology
    1. Pre-NCE Technical
    3. NCE TECHNICAL (Building Technology)
    4. NCE TECHNICAL (Electrical Technology)
    5. NCE TECHNICAL (Woodwork Technology)
    6. NCE TECHNICAL (Metal Work Technology)
    1. ND Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    2. HND Electrical and Electronics (Telecoms/Electronics)
    1. ND Hospitality Management
    2. HND Hospitality Management
    1. Advanced Diploma Mechanical Eng.Tech.
    2. ND Mechanical Engineering Technology
    3. HND Mechanical Engineering Technology (Plant/Power Option)
    1. ND Printing Technology
    2. HND Printing Technology
    1. ND Science Laboratory Technology
    2. HND Science Laboratory Technology (Chemistry)
    3. HND Science Laboratory Technology (Biochemistry)
    4. HND Science Laboratory Technology (Physics/Electronics)
    5. HND Science Laboratory Technology (Biology/Microbiology)
    1. ND Statistics
    2. HND Statistics
    1. HND Textile Technology
    2. ND Textile Technology
    3. ND Fashion Design and Clothing Technology
    1. HND Computer Science
    2. ND Computer Science
    1. ND Computer Engineering Technology
    1. ND Pharmaceutical Technology