Kano State Polytechnic

Returning Student Registration procedures

  1. Student Validation

    • Visit the link http://kanopoly.edu.ng/student/returning
    • Fill in your registration number, First Name, Surname and a new Email. You should provide a working personal email Address. Only one email address per student allowed
    • After filling the details, submit the form using the Activate Account button

    • Note: The details above needs to be correct before proceeding to the next step.
    • After a successful validation the student should be able to see the Message in the image below
  2. Email Verification

    • Login to the email you provided in the previous step
    • You should be able to see a verification Email sent to you like the one in the above picture
    • The email might take up to 3 minutes before reaching your inbox.
    • Click on the Verify Button

    • if the email is not in your inbox, you can Restart the process. Also, you can be able to change your Email Address provided you have not verified it.
  3. Set your Password

    • The link above should take you to a page similar to the one in the picture above
    • You Should provide your Registration Number for the second time
    • Enter a password of not less than 6 characters and then confirm it
    • Click on the Activate Account button
    • You should then be redirected to the login page with a message telling you your account is Now Active
  4. Login To your account

    • Enter your Email and password in the user login page.
  5. Make Payment

    • Upon a successful Login you will be redirected to your dashboard as in the image above
    • Simply click on the Make Payment link
    • On your first payment attempt, the page above should be displayed
    • Kindly go through the details, to confirm.
    • Then click the Generate Invoice button.
    • You will be redirected to the Invoice page as in the picture below
    • You can Print the Invoice to Pay directly in Banks using your Remita Number (RRR) or proceed to pay Online by clicking on the Pay Now Online button.
    • if you are paying Online, you will be redirected to remita
    • Select the payment option then pay
    • The below image is similar to the page you will see
    • After a successful payment, you will be sent back to a page similar to the one below. The page can be printed as your Reciept
  6. Course Registration

    • After a successful payment, you will be able to register your courses.
    • On your Dashboard, click on the Course Registration link
    • the page below will be displayed
    • Add a course by clicking on the Add Course Botton
    • Use The red Button to remove a course
    • Select course by dropping the list as in below
    • Click on the Save button to save the semester courses
    • Do the same for the Second Semester Courses
    • After saving both First and Second Semester courses, Click on the Generate CRF in Course Registration form Section
    • Download or print the form