Kano State Polytechnic

Returning Student Registration procedures

  1. Login To your account

    • Enter your Email and password in the user login page.
    • if you have forgotten your password, kindly Click here to reset it.
  2. Make Payment

    • Upon a successful Login you will be redirected to your dashboard as in the image above
    • Simply click on the Make Payment link
    • On your first payment attempt, the page above should be displayed
    • Kindly go through the details, to confirm.
    • Then click the Generate Invoice button.
    • You will be redirected to the Invoice page as in the picture below
    • You can Print the Invoice to Pay directly in Banks using your Remita Number (RRR) or proceed to pay Online by clicking on the Pay Now Online button.
    • if you are paying Online, you will be redirected to remita
    • Select the payment option then pay
    • The below image is similar to the page you will see
    • After a successful payment, you will be sent back to a page similar to the one below. The page can be printed as your Reciept
  3. Course Registration

    • After a successful payment, you will be able to register your courses.
    • On your Dashboard, click on the Course Registration link
    • the page below will be displayed
    • Add a course by clicking on the Add Course Botton
    • Use The red Button to remove a course
    • Select course by dropping the list as in below
    • Click on the Save button to save the semester courses
    • Do the same for the Second Semester Courses
    • After saving both First and Second Semester courses, Click on the Generate CRF in Course Registration form Section
    • Download or print the form